Widex Evoke Fusion 110, 220, 330, 440 - Single
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    Widex Evoke


    The Widex EVOKE is the first hearing aid to feature advanced machine learning in real time. This allows the hearing aid to use artificial intelligence to learn the best sound settings that are ideal for your needs.


    This smart hearing aid intuitively analyses your sound environment and reacts to changes for natural, effortless hearing today and every day.


    The Widex Evoke continues to learn about the best settings for each individual. This means the device is constantly learning the best sound settings for unique environments, whether at the opera or walking down a busy street.


    Forget dropping your hearing aid in water and having to cough up another few thousand dollars! The Widex Evoke is water resistant. The speakers and microphone are highly water resistant and tolerable to dust making this one of the most durable hearing aids on the market.


    Once you receive your Widex Evoke in the app, we will call you with a tutorial for how to use the mobile app. This allows you to have full control over your hearing settings. The app is incredible simple to learn and creates a truly remarkable difference. This app works on both iPhone and Android devices.


    The mobile app allows you to mute and adjust hearing aid volume, create personal settings for particular circumstances and add locations in case you ever misplace your devices!


    You can easily take calls and watch your favorite TV show, directly connecting your hearing aids to TV, smartphone and other sound systems.


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    widex evoke hearing aids technical specifications- Widex Evoke 110 220 330 440Widex, WIDEX EVOKE and DEX are trademarks of Widex A/S.

    Widex, WIDEX EVOKE and DEX are trademarks of Widex A/S.