Why Is It So Difficult To Buy Hearing Aids Online?

In the current hearing aid market there are complex layers to the structure of your purchase. First, manufacturers produce hearing aids in their factories around the world. They invest millions of dollars per year into R&D, staffing and marketing costs. Their biggest market of direct sales goes to audiologists clinics and private practices.

These audiologists are trained hearing specialists and dispensers. They are similar to opticians in their training. However, unlike glasses that are readily available online, hearing aids are not. In our profession as audiologists our job has increasingly become about sales rather than care. Typically in most audiology practices the profit made by the business comes directly from hearing aid sales and less and less from actual real world consultations.

Care is the most important aspect of hearing and we know that better than any, however audiologists have a duty of care. Our simple mandate of our business is to take the sales part away from audiologists- removing their sales focus and returning the focus of the audiologist back to their care giving. This means we can remove their inflated margins, giving you the lowest price, as well as helping you to book any consultations you need after purchase.

Keep an ear to the ground when shopping online:

Lots of hearing aid sites will sell manufacturer hearing aids, however it is the level of care after purchase that matters most.

When you call us at Hearing Delivered you will be speaking directly with a licensed, trained audiologist that can help with your every need. It is important to check whether sites you purchase from offer after care, remote support or in service fitting.

We offer ongoing service and support for repairs and replacements and you will be assigned a direct line to one of our trained audiologists.


When you next look at an online site make sure to look out for the three main factors:


1) Are you buying from an audiologist backed organisations

2) Is the brand trustworthy with good online reviews?

3) Do they offer a range of premium products?