Signia Styletto Connect Reviewed

Sivantos and Widex this week announced their new merger- redefining the brand as WS Audiology. Now the third-biggest hearing aid manufacturer in the world, they have set quite an impression looking forward into 2019.

Old Meets New?

The new Styletto Connect continues to sue the traditional Nx platform that we offer on the site. Again, the offering includes three levels of technology. The design comes in at slightly longer (about 0.5mm) and includes is built for iPhone connectivity. If you don’t have an iPhone this is a bit of a bummer! Still, as hearing aids go the Styletto Connect has to be one of the most attractive on the market. Just look how seamlessly it fits in with your every-day guitar equipment lying around (?)

Apple or Signia?

signia styletto connect

apple airpods

We must disclose that our first glimpses of the Styletto Connect have been brief. However, from first glance I couldn’t tell if this was my sons AirPods thingymagigies or a hearing aid! The box is sleek and refined. I imagine there were a team of designers working on this launch piece. As I have said previously, my hearing aid of choice is the current Styletto. The design and feel of the device on the ear is second to none. I don’t want to be reminded every time I look in the mirror of my mortality and this new piece is no different.

If anything, in a strange way it feels more comfortable on the ear. New always does seem better for some reason. The hearing aids stand out in the bte hearing aid category, and are a long stride forward from the old siemens hearing aids of my parents’ generation. As with the original, the receiver is fixed to the case and the case appears sealed pretty well.


4-Hour Charging

The new Styletto Connect now offers 4-hour charging. The box is a bit bigger, but still doesn’t look too clumpy in your jeans pocket. I mentioned Apple a little earlier on in this post and the comparison is clear to see:


 The charger is automatic. When you place the hearing aids inside, they switch off to conserve battery and the device begins to charge. If you set them aside for a couple of hours they will be charged fully and they slip in and out with complete ease with the magnet at the bottom taking out any of that annoying fiddling. Unlike their Apple lookalikes this charging case doesn’t yet offer a ‘Find My Hearing Aids’ feature- we’re waiting for a comment from Signia about whether this will be introduced in the future!

The Styletto range still appeals most to the younger demographic of hearing aid users. The design and look of the pieces have always performed well in focus groups- original research from Signia showed that a 75% increase in hearing aid adoption when asked to choose between other hearing aids and the Styletto model which is frightening in itself.

With its new features and slight reworking of the old design it is safe to say that Signia have combined the old and the new exceptionally well. How it performs sales wise we eagerly wait to see!

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