What Should Hearing Aids Really Cost?

Whilst it is never a surprise when your audiologist recommends you a hearing aid the associated cost can be a huge shock to the system!

The cost of hearing aids can differ dramatically depending on the model you choose and where you chose to purchase them. On average a pair of aids will cost $4,500 at retail with top-of-the-line models selling for $7,000 or more. Most private insurance plans do not cover these devices, nor does Medicare.

The price of hearing aids are based on a number of things: the quality of the sound that the unit produces, the features included that help the user hear better, the quality of the components of the unit and the custom fitting and follow-up care by the specialist who fits your hearing aids.  Ultimately, the main reason the costs can be so high is the way that hearing aids are sold.


Although inexpensive hearing aids do exist, they are typically made with low-quality components, are not correctly fitted to treat your specific hearing loss, and do not include any professional care by a highly-trained provider who will help you get the most out of your investment.


While price tags can sometimes be intimidating, when it comes to making the best decisions about your health and wellness, it is important to remember that being as healthy as you can be will have positive effects on all areas of your lifestyle and well-being.


Buying online allows you to:


  • Buying hearing aids online guarantees lower costs. Retailers like Embrace Hearing can afford to sell at a lower price than brick and mortar retailers because they don’t have to pay high costs for overhead. In fact, AARP has found that these expenses can account for more than $2,000 of the sticker price on hearing aids at typical brick and mortar retailers.
  • Buying hearing aids online is convenient and easy. While your local audiologist or big box retailer is often only a drive away, ordering online is even easier. Simply submit the results of your most recent hearing test and our audiology staff can assist you in choosing, and then custom programming, the right model for your hearing loss needs.
  • Buying hearing aids online doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or service. Buying from a quality online retailer like Embrace Hearing means you’re buying the latest in European hearing aid technology at close to wholesale prices. It also means your hearing aids will be custom programmed by an experienced audiology team, who ensure that your devices meet the exact needs laid out in your hearing test results