How To Prolong Hearing Aid Battery Life

There’s nothing more annoying than having your hearing aid batteries fail in the middle of an important event. We've come up with a few suggestions to help ensure that this doesn't happen:



  • Keep the battery contacts in your hearing aids clean. That means washing your hands before you change batteries and keeping the battery compartment clean and dry.
  • Turn your hearing aids off when not in use and remove the batteries. You might also want to open the battery compartment and store your hearing devices in a dehumidifier at night while you sleep. This device removes excess moisture, which prevents battery corrosion.
  • Don’t remove the plastic tab from each battery until you’re ready to use them. Most hearing aid batteries are powered by oxidizing zinc with oxygen in the air. Removing the tab exposes the power cell to oxygen and activates the battery. Note: once the tab is removed, it cannot be replaced.  
  • Wait at least one minute after removing the plastic tab before inserting it into the hearing device. This allows the battery to fully power up and maximizes its effectiveness in your hearing device.
  • Transport batteries properly. Don’t carry them loose in your purse or pocket, especially with coins or other metal objects like paper clips. This can make the battery short circuit, leading to high heat and leakage. Carry them in their original packaging whenever possible, otherwise, use a small plastic container with a snap-tight lid.

Follow these tips, and you should be getting the best possible performance out of your hearing aid batteries!