How to do yoga if you have hearing loss

I've heard people with hearing loss be skeptical over whether they can go to a yoha class. I've heard, “How will I be able to follow along in class if I can’t hear the instructor? or “Will my hearing aids stay on during the postures?” Or “Will the classes be too loud?” These are all real concerns, but ones that can be offset by choosing the right class with an understanding instructor.

You can definitely do yoga with hearing loss but here are a few tips to make it easier for you:

1. Do your research. Yoga has gotten so popular that there are likely several studios in your town. Visit them and ask the manager to recommend classes and instructors that avoid loud music, and that tend to repeat the same series of postures in each class. Tell them about your hearing loss—there may be other students in the same boat. Ask which classes attract students with a broad range of ages and abilities—this will make the class less intimidating.

2. Talk to the teacher before class. Tell the teacher at the start of class about your hearing loss and ask for the best place to set up your mat based on where the teacher will be spending most of his or her time. This knowledge will also allow the teacher to give you extra assistance if you seem to be missing something. Many students will discuss physical limitations such as an injury or illness with the yoga teacher before class—you discussing your hearing loss will not appear odd at all.

2. Set up your mat in the middle of the room. Here, you can watch people in front of you if you don’t hear the teacher’s instructions AND you can see other yogis behind you or to the side if you are doing postures where you are not facing forward.

3. Go with the flow. Hey, it’s only yoga! Who cares if you are behind in transitioning from posture to posture or your postures don’t look ready for a competition. This is about your health and mental wellbeing and nothing other than that is really important. Plus, it gets easier the more you do it. Don’t expect perfection early on.


So yes, you can definitely do yoga if are hearing impaired. I hope you enjoy your next class!