Future Hearing Aids - Cheaper and Fashionable?

Hearing aids have become smaller in recent years, but not cheaper. Until online hearing aid stores selling direct to consumers were introduced, prices were actually rising. However, here are a few future changes which are likely to happen to hearing aids:
  1. Hearing aids probably will become more fashionable. Imagine the stigma still associated with wearing hearing aids going away, as hearing-aid wearers blend in with hordes of other people wearing "hearbales" for listening to music and taking phone calls wirelessly.
  2. They’ll become less expensive, a result of a wave of companies developing hearing aids that are not traditional medical devices. You’ll can them without going through an audiologist, and they’ll sync with your smartphone; the hearing profile for the aids will be created via an online hearing test accomplished on a computer or your phone.

So far, traditional hearing-aid companies have not entered the market for low-cost hearables in a significant way. But the arrival of startups and new regulation means the market is hearing in this direction.