The Best Hearing Aids

  The Best Hearing Aids

Half the price of your local audiologist

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How Hearing Delivered Works

How hearing delivered works to deliver hearing aids direct to your door with a home visit from an audiologist - submit your audigram

Getting your brand new hearing aids has never been easier! Read our 4 step process to receiving your fully programmed, brand new hearing aids direct to your door.

Half-Price Hearing Aids

Most audiologists have to factor in their basic business costs: office location, marketing, time spent fitting, staff, taxes etc. etc.

This means the consumer is typically paying a 2-2.5x mark up on each hearing aid they sell! 

We cut out these external costs, expertly program your devices and deliver your hearing aids direct to your door.

half price hearing aids compared to audiologist and insurance per pair
$163,753 saved by our customers so far!

Home Visits By Professional Audiologists

hearing delivered home delivery- branded van and boxes man

At Hearing Delivered we offer some of the most advanced care programs anywhere in the US. With every purchase we will send a licensed audiologist direct to your home to fit your brand new devices.

Once you have placed your order and we the hearing aids are on their way, we make an appointment with a local audiologist to visit your house and fit your brand new hearing aids. Just tell us when is convenient and we'll be there!

What Hearing Aids Are The Best For You?

Complete our 2-minute hearing evaluation and we will get back to you with a full soundboard and product recommendation

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